A City in California Gave Land Back to Indigenous People. It’s a Start.

Eureka’s return is believed to be the first time a local government has returned land to a tribe in the U.S. Eureka City Council member Kim Bergel described the return as “the right thing to do.”

Eureka’s actions are significant politically, spiritually, and also economically.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA Needs this for us here. Indian Relocation Act 1950s to present time has Failed is and still is. The Oklahoma Nations sent here from the indian removal act previously 1850.

Original Trail of Tears Natives from Eastwood lands 5 tribes. Seminole/ Yahmasee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek Mvskogee Nations. Results of Tulsa Oklahoma 1921 Attack by government. Cause our people to leave under the empress treaties was going to be enforced by U.S. Governments but failed. By the 1980s nearly 190,000+ came to california San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles specifically.