United Nations Turtle Island aka America is an grassroots indigenous organization that’s been long overdue.

We are a faith-based organization and spirit driven.

We provide services such as:

  • Hot meals and free food
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Family services
  • Support services
  • Document services
  • Education (Home Schooling Available)
  • Online classes
  • And more

Our people come from many nations from North and South Turtle Island AKA North and South America.

Our mission is is to unite our people and educating them about the great Law of Peace.  Matthew 5:9

Our people have many different dialects, belief systems, different religions. So before you judge based on your dialect have an open mind when visiting our Network.

We here understand that because the US Constitution 1996 42 freedom of religion act also the United Nations Declaration Rights of Indigenous Peoples: article 33.

So come even if you are non indigenous person and want learn something from the many people that are here on this network.

We come from many different backgrounds and traditions lifestyles of Turtle Island. Be respectful please.

Know your rights or at least know where to find them.

We do need help with funding our cash app is $myobedu

Our website is under construction.

Even though our spelling may be wrong and the grammar, punctuation maybe messed up. Is because English for many of our people is not our first language for many of us.

So we apologize but you know we mean. please leave us a polite comment and let us know if there’s any corrections that can be corrected far as grammar and spelling. if you’re the type of person that needs that correction because it’s hard to understand.

Please visit our history page as we try to explain our history and not from a one-sided point of view or just want from one Nations point of view or tribal Nations point of view.

So sit back get your reading glasses grab something drink grab some snacks. And learn as much as you can will try to provide you with enough documentation pictures videos photos and any other type of media or non media information as possible.

Thank you for coming to My-ob.com  which is the home of United Nations Turtle Island North.

Our website is under construction.