American indigenous Reparations

For many of the people of North America the indigenous people had suffered a lot of losses. But the main thing that most people overlooking is what was mainly taken from us. What was tooken from us was our homes not money. What was tooken from us was hunting grounds and lakes rivers streams hot springs not a check. What was took him from us was the freedom to travel and move and practice their spiritual and cultural faith. What was taking from us was our language, our culture, our food our homelands and our people.

What was given to us was nothing but lies upon lies misleadings upon misleadings. But the Bible in one hand and their man-made laws in another. Our religions and our cultural practices were banned as so far as low as 1902 Indian men couldn’t wear our hair long. You can only imagine what it takes to create laws to destroy a people based on genocide and racial profiling and to turn around and use the Bible to ask the very same people for forgiveness after hundreds of years this is insanity.

So now I’m here to say what reparations really means to our people make everything free our ancestors only have to use their signature which is their DNA. We need your people to step aside because money can’t fix our culture. Your housing is inadequate and is developed for your lifestyle not ours. This is what we want it’s for you to understand that we know that United States as a whole is broke and is so far in debt with other foreign countries besides the indigenous people that they’re living amongst. You have a debt to pay here too. And because you squandered the lands resources and traded with the world and now all these materialistic things that are here on our land you people don’t even want to share. You make it as it seem like you did not steal it from us. And now you’re trying to sell them back to us. Reparations should be paid with our signature not a check from you. Now if you would like to send some financial support like you promised then maybe some of the indigenous people may accept it. but for many of us just want to get back to nature and living the way we’re supposed to be.

Your housing is unsafe.