Binay Yeha Noha Tribe

Phone 217-364-2045

Our tribe was forged many century’s ago by our ancestors.We are the children of our ancestors. We are a tribe of many
mixed Native Nations: Cherokee, Apache, Navajo, Cheyenne,
Arapaho Yaqui, Zuni, Pueblo, and many more. We are a tribethat unite the Native American Nations as Binay which meansGood medicine people and we do not discriminate. Light Skin,Dark skin, Brown Skin Red Skin, our tribal people are simplybeautiful natives that honor their ancestors through their traditions and heritage.

There is weakness in being disconnected but there is power In Unity. So come and join our tribe of over 4000 tribal members by filling out an application. If you have native ancestry the your are one of us.
With love for our Creator, with honor and respect.
Chief Eaglefeather