California Indian Heritage State Park Villages.

This project will draw visitors from across California, the nation, and the world Tourist to this center for nationwide significance for cultural preservation, learning and exchange, land stewardship based on native values, and a place to engage all visitors in celebrating the living cultures of California tribes and other tribes.


The village is reminiscent of tribal villages, with teepees arranged in a circular fashion.
Visitors can view the demonstrations of tribal art and basket weaving given by the artists in
residence. The idea is that the village will move according to seasons, like the traditional
lifestyle of the Native American people. During the dry months, the village will be located near
the south entrance of the park; it is visible, yet secluded since it is at a lower elevation than the
main road. During the winter, this area is prone to flooding, and the village will move to the open areas in the north of the site to gain maximum sun exposure.