Covid-19 Questions?

This video is before covid so what now? How do you feel about going back into your home? Face the facts it’s not safe.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat it doesn’t matter how much you exercise it doesn’t matter what type of water you drink. If you’re spending more than 8 hours sleeping or doing anything for any period of time under those conditions. Housing across the world is inadequate unsafe because of environmental racism.

Enjoying your fancy house?

Gentrification biting you in your ass.

Opening a window or door is going to change nothing. Don’t be fooled it’s in your carpet it’s under your tables it’s in places that you don’t clean. And this is why the military does a military thorough cleaning.

Ask for the apartment complexes they’re like a giant hospital without no cleaning staff just festering and harboring germs and now we have covid on top of it all. It lasts on metal up to 3 days according to some researchers. So that means your door knob the trash can the handle to get into your garage parking area and there’s just too many metal items to list on why this covid-19 Government Emergency Health Orders. You guys are not even quarantining correctly.

Because y’all don’t know your history you’re not going to make it. Because history repeats itself. We’re quarantine the way we’re supposed to as indigenous people.