Descendents of Appalachian Tribes in the west of Mississippi.

There was over 500 nations of different indigenous nations.

The American indigenous in the East woodlands nations was fabricated down to just 5 tribes when in fact North America AKA Turtle Island has over 500+ Nations.

You can have many tribes can be within one nation.

Many Indigenous people affect by the Indian Removal Act 1820s – 1850 aka The Trail of Tears. Some nations not all of our people was forced to go to Oklahoma and others nations stayed and fought.

Many nations didn’t want to go to Oklahoma to a reservation. Although many of our people got caught up and being forced because many of us have nomadic lifestyles.

Then in 1921 Tulsa,OK was bombed then some of our people continued migrated to Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area for job Assistance and housing assistance.

In the 1980 California census there was a 198,000+ indigenous people migrating from The Dakotas and Oklahoma.

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California Indian Census 1980

Broken Promises an Treaties continue in year 2020.

From one of many of our great leaders once said they will never help us just themselves.

Great Leader Ocesola, Yahmasee Nation 1821.

They will eat all till is gone. Build in the land until the animals and plant life won’t grow.