Our Story

We are the descendants of the 1800s Trails of Tears which are lost tribes of North America aka scattered families.

The Indian removal act law (the trail of tears) was passed in 1825 to make it legal are people from the land which is a policy that spread across the Americas AKA Turtle Islands.

III. The Declaration and U.S. Initiatives on Native American Issues
The United States is home to over two million Native Americans, 565 federally
recognized Indian tribes, and other indigenous communities. U.S. support for the Declaration
reflects the U.S. commitment to work with those tribes, individuals, and communities to address
the many challenges they face. The United States aspires to improve relations with indigenous
peoples by looking to the principles embodied in the Declaration in its dealings with federally
recognized tribes, while also working, as appropriate, with all indigenous individuals and
communities in the United States.