Indigenous Calendar Download coming soon!

As a some of the Christians and other the religious people would say everyday is a holy day.

Or everyday is a day to be thankful and thanksgiving well then…

For us indigenous people it’s an indigenous day everyday download the calendar today this has an event that happened every single day in North America to the American Indians. The events in this indigenous calendar are all from the events of things that took in place that shaped our lives. There’s not a day that is not a day to be indigenous.

How it works:

Everyday there was an event that shaped the indigenous lives of turtle islands. So we’ve made a calendar out of it and we want to share it with you. We’re going to start out with at least one event that happened every month and then fill in the rest of the days of each month so join now cuz every month we’re going to or every couple months we may update our calendar to have added things that we’ve discovered or otherwise knew about.

Calendar Download Here coming soon