It’s time for a candy dance! At the Nottoway of Virgina powwow

Noelle Ferguson (left) and her friend Minosaamani Flores (right) show off their impressive handfuls of candy secured during the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia’s 2019 powwow candy dance. Photo Vincent Schilling

Vincent Schilling

Sep 24, 2019

It was the right occasion for some sweet fun in the sun at this year’s Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia powwow – Video and pictures by Vincent Schilling

It was a great turnout this past weekend where the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia celebrated its 2019 annual powwow.

In addition to the fun in the sun to be expected at a traditional powwow, the emcee Rick Kelly, Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia, took some time to break from traditional dances to offer some fun for the kids.


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