Let’s cut the Bullshit!

We are sick of talking and complaining of indigenous problems. If you don’t have any solutions we not entertaining it. Racism is connected to genocide and genocide connected to colonization.

We’re taking a new direction and how our website is going to function and present information. We are no longer talking about the past and a things that happened in our history. There’s plenty of other websites and information all over the internet.

Well we’re going to focus on is mainly moving forward. for those that want to stay in their history class that’s totally fine it’s time for those that are ready to move forward to move forward so this website will be dedicated to the future of indigenous people. I may focus on this website it’s to present an educat our people about our rights and the laws that protect our people in our lands.

We understand that everyone is at a different level of education when it comes down to the Awakening of the indigenous people of Turtle Island. this platform is not for awakening this platform is for people that are already woke. And that they want to do something about their situation and not just complain and cry about a day in and day out.

FYI this website may not be for you only because the information on this website is for people that already knew that they were indigenous before the Awakening. We’re not going to tolerate any newcomers that just found out that they’re indigenous. Everyone here on this platform already knew that they were indigenous since birth.