Message to California Governor Gavin Newsom. Indigenous Homeless Proposal.

Californian Homeless Urban Native Indigenous People Proposal
To: Governor Gavin Newsom State of California Republic
According to a 1980s California Indigenous census the Native American Indian population was nearly 200,000 indigenous people that was relocated again after migrated to Oklahoma and Dakota’s then from Oklahoma Reservations to California. The Descendants of the Indian Removal Act aka Trail of Tears 1850 (Appalachian Indigenous Peoples) to California in 1950 This is an addition to the other indigenous people that were already here in California. This is the results of the American Indian relocation Act of 1956 public law 959. They were many states that are people went to in California was one of them.
The 200,000 Native American Indians that migrated to California from Oklahoma reservations have had children since 1980s I am one of many of this generation and many of us had two maybe three even four siblings. And now that generation has had their own set of children. So that number of 200,000 is probably more close to a million. Because many of us have had two three or four children and for many of our elders are still alive today that know their story and know where they came from. Also they know why they came it’s a tragic story but we’re not here to discuss that today.
This is a very well-known fact and that the people from reservations are living in California and been here for quite some time.
Osiyo\Hello Governor with the homeless crisis happening all over the state there’s a great percentage of indigenous people that are counted within that homelessness. My proposal to you to curve and help the problem with homelessness throughout the country of California. Is to give our people a new right of Passage meaning allow our people to exit California. By giving us the right of Passage and allowing us to travel to our destination without being harassed, arrested, persecuted by law enforcement and the court system throughout California. Meaning of people here in California have their own dreams they have their own aspirations but there’s a great deal of my people that I represent for I represent the urban Indians that were relocated from the Choctaw Cherokee Creek Seminole and Chickasaw and many other (Appalachian Indigenous Nations) and many others from the Eastern Woodlands here inside of California that are homeless. I’ve traveled up and down the northern and southern and Central California the past few decades. And what I saw was a lot of my people that were from the Eastern woodlands tribes and Nations the relocated to Oklahoma on a peace treaty that we’re now relocated to California and now are suffering. Many of us have tribal roll numbers from relatives such as myself I have 2 of them.
unfortunately with the racism in the state of California and many parts of the country housing, job equality has reached his limit with our people. My people are seeking no longer to be here in California nor do we want to sleep on your street or your alleys or your empty houses or your abandoned buildings or in our vehicles.
If our people were to gather themselves together and leave California this would take a lot of pressure off the California system in many areas such as housing, jobs, traffic when commuting, State budget and many other aspects can’t be relieved and the resources can be returned back to the California native people. So my proposal is a new right of Passage for people together on Private, Tribal and Public land that we have already established all through California. The problem lies with traveling to and from these Private, Tribal and Public lands is the law enforcement and the court system weather on foot or a car or on a bicycle or on a horse. We need a right to passage is what I mean. And to recognize our indigenous rights article 33 and support our turtle Island North American identification cards. this is something that the state would not and do not have to pay any monetary budget funds. We ourselves will take care of producing and funding our identification cards.
The idea behind identification card is that a card holder is to be recognized as a person that is not trying to dwell in California but trying to exit California to help with the crisis of homelessness and to help with the crisis of property in California. But more importantly is dealing with and focusing on law enforcment jurisdiction and when these card holders are traveling valid card holders are traveling within the boundaries of the state of California.
Many of our people have already acquire Private, Tribal and Public land and have held land in this country of California for a very long time and have reached out and offer a place for the people to come to for a place of refuge from poverty and homelessness. These Private, Tribal and Public lands that are scattered all through California are not going to be permanent residences these are just places for the people to go to gather things and for those that need to make arrangements to make those arrangements and get the help support that they need to get along in exiting California. Our people already currently on public land so the ideas to get them either to travel to private land and off public land.

We feel that there is no support for the indigenous people that have migrated from the Eastern Woodlands Nations (Appalachian Tribal Nations) and We have been separated and scattered amongst the Pacific Western Tribal Nations.
• The proposal behind the idea of recognizing our IDs is that card holders are peaceful, respectful and follow the tribal law and public law 280 of the state. In order to achieve the goal of relieving California of the many different crisis is here in California homelessness being the first to address.
• Now at these said Private, Tribal and Public Lands the purpose is to allow the people to gather their things no matter what they may have and get these things either shipped or transported to their desire location outside of California. And once again we’re not asking for any monetary budget or funding we’re just asking for the right of Passage to and from these Private, Tribal and Public lands. And also protecting the rights while on the Private, Tribal and Public land of the owners and the people that dwell on the line with them.
A person or a family may need to travel to the local store and get supplies may need gas things of that such for their travel.
Some people may have to travel North some people may have to travel south or east or west with in the state of California depending on the closest available Private, Tribal and Public land closest to them. Others might have made it to one Private, Tribal and Public land and may want to relocate to a different Private, Tribal and Public land for a number of reasons. Maybe because there’s more space or resources could be closer to the exit destination depending on the route of person or family is taking. Many of our people their destination may be heading back to relatives in the Eastern Woodlands may be heading back to reservations and Easter Woodland may be heading back to anywhere that they may find prosperity and peace.
So we as the urban Indians that I speak for that are homeless we are asking for a right of Passage a new right of Passage in the meeting of recognizing our IDs from State all way down to local government.
With this proposal I truly believe that the state of California can be a better place with the population being less especially the homeless population. This will we turn back resources back to the state that can be used for other things because many of these people are receiving some type of state Aid benefits medical, education, food, resources, housing jobs in much more.
By giving us the right of Passage for help your state and the coming months and years.
IDs are only to be used for identification purposes only. These ideas are not for breaking the law or committing crimes. They’re not for committing fraud or any other Act that can cause future conflicts. These people that commit any crimes we’re not be tolerated on our behalf. I repeat the ID is only for traveling to and from Private, Tribal and Public lands to prepare to exit California.
We do not know where everyone is going like we mentioned before people maybe going to relatives maybe going to reservations of tribal Nations. It just all depends on a person or a families plan and available options.
Thank you for review on this proposal in advance. And we hope that you consider this proposal to help the state of California and it’s resources return by allowing our people to exit by the new freedom of Passage. We’re asking you because the police brutality and Courthouse Injustice that’s happening all over the nation and within your small towns and local governments.
Sincerely we appreciate your apologies in 2019 to the Native Americans. But it doesn’t bring back the lives we lost as the Eastern Woodland Native American Indigenous peoples aka the people of Appalachia North America.
The one and only thing we need from the state of California Mr. Gavin Newsom. It’s to be protected from police brutality from all law enforcement and corrupt judges within the Courthouse. That’s all we’re all asking.