More than 10% of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department personnel in coronavirus quarantine

More than 10% of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s employees are in quarantine due to the coronavirus, a number officials attributed to the explosion of cases throughout the county.⚒️

As of Monday, 🏜️655 non-sworn and 1,216 sworn personnel were in quarantine🤫 after having ⚖️tested 💉positive or having had a confirmed exposure, according to department data. The department has about 17,500 employees, according to spokesman Lt. John Satterfield. Of those, more than 10,100 are sworn personnel, according to data from early September.

In response, officials have staggered schedules, hired extra staff and encouraged strategies to limit transmission, such as mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing, Satterfield said, adding: “I believe it is a reflection of what is occurring in the community.”

capacity, medical care😱 is starting to be compromised.

The county has reported an average of 84 COVID-19 deaths a day over the past week — six times the comparable number from six weeks ago. It has also reported nearly 15,000 new coronavirus cases every day over the past week, almost eight times the comparable figure from six weeks ago.


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