Portland adopts Native-inclusive resolutions, including land acknowledgments

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland City Council passed a resolution Thursday to adopt policies that better promote awareness and inclusion of Native and Indigenous people in city business and provide more equitable outcomes for them, including formalizing land acknowledgements.

The measure, brought before city council by Commissioner Amanda Fritz, was created through the Regional Collaborative Land Acknowledgement Project, which was spearheaded by Fritz 2018 in an effort to get the city to adopt a formal land acknowledgement to be stated before city business. It represents one of the last measure of Fritz’s that she saw passed from the dais before her term as Commissioner ends on December 31.

“Our government institutions have been responsible for the death, injustice, pain, loss of land, loss of income, disparities that we see in our community today. And it’s our responsibility to make amends for them,” Fritz said. “This resolution shows that we are serious about that, we have made a bit of progress and we have centuries of abuse to make up for and to correct our ways.”

Source: https://www.koin.com/news/civic-affairs/portland-adopts-native-inclusive-resolutions-including-land-acknowledgments/amp/