Public Announcement

With all the websites that are out there that are concerning indigenous issues and native americans, American Indian. Our website was origin design to help educate people that did not have the knowledge about the people of turtle island.

At this point we try to best efforts to educate online and offline. Because of so much hate and ignorance and dumb f****** s***. We decided to turn our website into a closed private Network. It’s going to be invite only if you’re not invited you’re not welcome you will be deleted.

Account memberships will be free to join. And you will only be able to join if you’ve been invited.

We’re not here to educate the general population of the US government. because clearly they don’t give a f*** about researching it on their own so why should we teach somebody about our history.

So this website is not for them at all.

This website will now be dedicated to the children of the indigenous people not even the elders or the adults.