The Lies of the United States “We The People” The AlieNation

Everything we read is a lie. Every law is against us. Even when they claim they are to protect us. Is actually it a code switch for them do the exact opposite.

Can’t trust no one especially organizations that have no interest in preserving indigenous values.

1. Example: US Constitution article 1, section 2,clause 3 (Indians are not taxed) we bring paperwork to show that we’re Indians and they still don’t take the taxes off. They say we have to be a 501c3 that’s what they tell us.

2. Example: Declaration right of indigenous people. (Article 39) we have a ride to access financial assistance from the state. They just keep putting us in more debt with them by making us go to court and make up legal fees that exhaust our resources.

3. Example: Public Law 280 tribal versus State jurisdiction in California Indian country (page 19) what public law 280 did not do? it doesn’t make City and county laws applicable to Indians.

Those are our three best examples for right now even though there’s so many other laws out there that are f****** b*******. and now it’s time to see that every law that they create everything they write in our behalf in our name is to do the total opposite is to make them look good like they’re doing their job. when they’re actually using all these laws they write in our behalf against us.


They think we stupid they think we’re not paying attention no we see you m************. This entire legal framework is not to protect us it’s to do the total opposite to us. Is to do harm to do damage to tear people down to make them depressed, hopeless, stress, confused, tired of trying, and everything else that comes along with f****** genocide and colonization. Genocide is the child of colonization. Well this country still worried about race and color along with the rest of the world.

So our question is why should we follow any of the law at all?

Wanka Tanka please kill everyone everything on mother earth stop the genocide. No one of us deserves to live in a beautiful place these people call earth. No one is worthy of life. People not fighting for what’s right enough. While others fight for the wrong thing.

This is what they want for us indigenous people to be unhappy spiteful, and negative. Keeping the cycle of hatred going.

There is no such thing as happiness in earth if you think you found it or you have it. You are a fool. You’re a bamboozled buffoon. Mother Earth is our umbilical cord. Which makes all of us related. But I can see the world has turned his back on mother Earth and her children. So I ask you what happiness? The answer is this family and they still take that from you.