The Nationalization Process

Claim your Nation-ality
Step 1: Know and confirm who you from within. (Self knowledge have some confidence)

Step 2: Ask family where are from elders.

Step 3: Get 2 signatures from elders or other family members with contact numbers (Form 777).

Step 4: Notarized those signatures on (Form 777).

Step 5: File the (Form 777) in public records at County Clerk, Library or News Paper. Note: Depending on your state or region you may have to both or all on none.

Contact us in our help center if you unsure about your state your claim with your nationality we can help you.

Donald Trump Said they don’t look like us! Watch The video! We have a right to Govern ourselves they have set Federal Laws for us. Come on Ƶisrael/Yahsharahla  rise let’s follow the LAWS of the Land everywhere as Ahyah Commanded us. Please…They don’t keep they word!, But we as Yahsharahla do keep our word his words. Get to know us and read this…


Our (Form 777) can by requested and issued by to only by registered members only.

Next step is getting your national card and benefits contact the chief’s Office for next in this process.

Please review our terms of agreements which is bible verses plasms-119 97:106 Our sworn statement.