They carried out a genocide against Native Americans. Why does California honor

Governor Gavin Newsom apologizes to Native American tribes state violence against their ancestors. Spanish settlers created a mission system that wiped out California Indians. He’s speaking in West Sacramento. BY GAVIN NEWSOM’S OFFICE

Guns, gold and genocide.

Politicians like to flatter Californians by speaking of our state as the land of boundless opportunity, but these were the grim pillars upon which early California was built. We goldwash our history with tales of brave exceptionalism, but California’s tragic past is bathed in the blood of innocent California Native Americans.

The conquering of this land of dreams transformed it into a hellscape of nightmares for those who lived here for thousands of years before the miners, settlers and dreamers arrived.

The other indigenous people that are here because of genocide. That will push here like things like Indian removal act and the Indian relocation act and many other Congressional decisions.